How it works?

When you face a product that is in wasteful packages, take action by sharing its picture.

  1. Take a picture of the product or your selfie with the product.
  2. Post the picture on your Instagram and write or point which part of the package is wasteful for you.
  3. Use the hashtag #wasteless_challenge
  4. And get a chance of winning a gift card!!

What is the reward?

The reward is a gift card with the value of up to 40 euros to shop your favorite eco-friendly item from ecomondo.nl

Rules of the game

  1. Your picture should be clear with the product and its wasteful package
  2. Taking a selfie is very welcomed if you like
  3. If the wasteful package is not clear, add a short description to your photo or use an arrow or another sign to point it
  4. Preferably post the picture on your wall but if you prefer to add it to your story, then make sure that you also send it to us directly so that we don’t miss your picture
  5. You can also send us your picture directly in addition to posting by yourself
  6. Don’t forget the hashtag #wasteless_challenge
  7. To send us your pictures you can direct message the instagram @be.wasteless or send by email to wasteless.dss@gmail.com

Note: If you cannot find your picture in the challenge highlights on our Instagram wall, this means that we have not received it!

Who is the winner?

From all the pictures that we collect, one user name will be drawn in a lottery draw as the winner.
The winner will be announced and contacted on June 25th.


23rd June 2020  before 23:23  is the last chance to post your picture or send us.


Note: This challenge is closed for its first round.

The lucky winner of the first round:

Upload your pictures here