(re-purpose waste)

How it works?

Up for a real hands-on challenge? We invite you on some tinkering re-purpose fun!

  1. Fetch some objects that are collecting dust around your home plus items that are now bits and pieces of the daily trash. Empty wine bottle? Toilet paper roll? Barbecue skewer sticks? ….. Embrace the freedom to create new value to “once upon a time” products.
  2. Let your creativity run free and craft something new with the items.
  3. Send us the picture of your piece of art to collect likes on instagram
  4. And get a chance of winning a gift card!!

What is the prize?

The reward is a gift card with the value of up to 40 euros to shop your favorite eco-friendly item from ecomondo.nl

Rules of the game

  1. The number of the items does not mater. The materials of your items can include wood, textile, paper, plastic, etc.
  2. Other required tools that may help while crafting (e.g. glue and scissors) can be used but try to re-purpose the waste as much as possible!
  3. Take a picture of the materials you collected before starting your art, take one or more pictures of your process of handcrafting and take a picture of the final piece of art. So at least 3 pictures be sent to us.
  4. Send your pictures to wasteless.dss@gmail.com or with direct message on Instagram @be.wasteless with your full name
  5. Your final picture will be posted on our instagram to collect likes! For every 10 likes received per post you get one extra chance of drawing your name as the winner in a lottery draw.

Who is the winner?

The winner is chosen by you, students! Express your favorite handcraft by liking that specific post on @be.wasteless
The winner’s name will be drawn through a lottery draw from the name of all participants in the challenge.
With every 10 likes you will get an extra chance of winning the lottery.
The winner will be announced and contacted on June 25th.


23rd June 2020 before 23:23 is the last chance to send us your pictures.

Note: This challenge is closed for its first round. 

Upload your pictures here